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Wunderman Thompson acquires mobile commerce provider NN4M BusinessCloud


Wunderman Thompson has acquired NN4M – No Need 4 Mirrors – a mobile commerce partner for retailers and global brands.

Edinburgh siege NN4M will be part of the global e-commerce consultancy firm Wunderman Thompson Commerce, which is a strategic step forward for its commitment to providing effective cross-channel engagement platforms.

NN4M is the mobile technology partner of some of the largest and most successful commercial brands including Selfridges & Co., Nestlé, JD Wetherspoon and River Island.

NN4M employs 50 people who provide mobile e-commerce applications in multiple markets and regions. With over 15 years of experience, the company has a solid track record of building mobile solutions that span multiple touchpoints, including smartphones, tablets, apps, and in-store experiences.

NN4M creates bespoke native applications to help customers advance their distribution strategy and support customers where they want to interact.

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“The acquisition of NN4M marks an important milestone for Wunderman Thompson in the implementation of our long-term cross-channel strategy.Said James Westoby, CEO of Wunderman Thompson Commerce UK.

Adding additional mobile expertise will significantly strengthen our online multi-channel offering and allow us to deliver already Following sophisticated and powerful solutions on the most advanced application platform on the market.

It also puts us in a strong position to inspire customer solutions that support mixed digital and in-store journeys, creating hybrid experiences that deliver engagement throughout the customer journey.

“With striking similarities between our work cultures, our target customers and our technological capabilities, NN4M is a perfect fit for us. commercial offer.

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Going online means that consumers are increasingly demanding about their expectations of organizations when they shop virtually, whether through marketplaces, retailer sites, brand sites or social channels.

As a result, user experience is increasingly critical – often where the game is won or lost for brands and retailers – and this is an area where NN4M can have a major impact.

Jonathan Heap, C.At and fFounder of NN4M, said: “Our acquisition by Wunderman Thompson, with his reputation for innovation and excellence, offers NN4M a fantastic opportunity to build on its success in the commerce sector.

As the digital economy continues to advance at ever faster speeds, we are excited to be a part of an exciting future of online retail. “

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