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Wemade and YouAppi team up to bring blockchain mobile games to market | Pocket

South Korean blockchain mobile game developer Wemade has partnered with mobile advertising company YouAppi to bring games to market for its WEMIX platform.

Founded in 2011, American company YouAppi focuses on user retention and re-engagement marketing for mobile games and applications.

With this partnership, Wemade plans to leverage YouAppi’s mobile game marketing capabilities to bring games to market on its blockchain platform. Going forward, YouAppi said it will provide “aggressive campaigns” for in-app games on the WEMIX platform.

Strengthening brand awareness

“We hope to further enhance the awareness and value of the WEMIX brand through the strategic partnership with YouAppi,” said Hyun Guk Chang, CEO of Wemade.

“I believe WEMIX will become a blockchain gaming platform with the largest user base, based on YouAppi’s brand value and retargeting and re-engagement capabilities through big data and intelligence artificial.

There are currently 11 games displayed on the WEMIX platform site which are available on different platforms including App Store, Google Play, web browser and third-party app stores. Some of the currently playable games include Bird Tornado, Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict, and Mir4, with more coming soon.

Wemade continues to partner with developers to bring more games to the service, and last month Wemade partnered with RedFox Games to bring the mobile trading card game Kingdom Hunter to the WEMIX platform.

Nancy Roberts, Marketing Director of YouAppi, added, “We are very excited to be working with WEMIX, the world’s first blockchain gaming platform. mobile games on the WEMIX platform can achieve the best results globally.”

Earlier this week, PUBG creator Krafton revealed that he has partnered with Solana to co-develop blockchain and NFT games, as well as collaborate on Web3 investment opportunities.

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