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Upstream: The Summary of Streaming Mobile Games and Esports – June 10, 2022 | Pocket

Each month, and Stream Hatchet analyze the impact of mobile games and esports on streaming platforms; the ebb and flow of the most popular titles including Free Fire, PUBG Mobile and Clash Royale, and pioneering newcomers; and how they reach their audience.

This month sees a slight increase in Twitch’s mobile viewership and the launch of the International Olympic Committee’s second esports event sanctions, but an overall drop in viewership.

With a cumulative total of hours watched of 204 million, the mobile audience fell by 9%. This is most seemingly represented in the declines of the two main games – Bang Bang Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile – with declines of 23 and 14%, respectively, and overall declines across the board.

That is, in addition to Free Fire and Clash Royale, which enjoyed moderate increases of 6.2 and 7%, respectively.

Unsurprisingly, no title topped the top 10 most-watched, although that was despite high-profile new releases such as the controversial Diablo Immortal and Dislyte. wonders what needs to happen for a new mobile title to make the list: maybe Blizzard’s Warcraft Arclight Rumble?

Similarly, Youtube Gaming and Facebook Gaming maintain their grip on the mobile audience. However, Twitch’s viewership grew by 2% from last month, to just under 13%, with 26 million hours watched.

But this month’s biggest influence on mobile game streaming was the 31st The Southeast Asian Games, which received the lion’s share of all mobile esports hours watched this month, with 21.6 million hours, or roughly two-thirds of all hours watched . The event featured numerous mobile titles, including Bang Bang Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile.

Stream Hatchet also notes that the 31st The Southeast Asian Games is also the second time an esports event has been sanctioned “as a medal-winning event by the International Olympic Committee.” However, overall, esports streams saw an 8% drop.

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