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UK mobile commerce spending soared 77.8% in 2015

Promotional head quarter DetailMeNot is behind the international study, which found that the UK is the largest mobile commerce market in Europe, as 2015 sales in the country will almost double the 8.41 billion Britons spent through smartphones and tablets last year.

The trend got a new start on February 25 when Barclays revealed plans to allow individuals and small businesses to be paid via Twitter, noting at the time that 80% of Twitter’s 13.5 million users in the United Kingdom use the social network from their mobile. .

Broken down, the $ 14.95 billion in spending equals $ 1 million spent every 35 minutes throughout the year, or $ 474 per second. In fact, the UK is such a dominant force in the European mobile commerce market that it will account for 39.4 percent of all continental mobile commerce sales.

The study showed that the UK is 21% larger than Germany’s $ 12.4 billion in spending, 152.5% more than France’s $ 5.9 billion in spending, both respectively second and third behind Great Britain. Poland, on the other hand, is the smallest market and is expected to generate just 600 million mobile sales, which equates to spending via mobile devices in the UK every fortnight.

Giulio Montemagno, Senior Vice President of International at RetailMeNot, said: Mobile is now the engine of e-commerce growth, accounting for more than one in four pounds spent online in the UK this year. However, the real impact of mobile on retail is far greater than that.

Our research suggests that mobile is emerging as a shopping companion for many Brits. Almost three-quarters of mobile users regularly visit retailer websites to browse or make purchases, with some retailers seeing as much as one visit to two of their websites via mobile. Faced with high growth rates and a huge opportunity to boost sales, ignoring mobile is just not an option for retailers in 2015.

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Despite the boom in mobile business, PCs remain the first choice for consumers when shopping online and will account for 71.4% of UK online sales in 2015 at a two percent rate.

Meanwhile, mobile spending is expected to account for 28.6% of online purchases in the UK this year, up from 18.7% in 2014, split between 16.5% on smartphones and 12.1% on tablets.

Montemagno added: Mobile must be felt in everything retailers do. Consumers don’t see retailers as having online, offline, or mobile channels. They just want to shop and find the best deals in the way that works best for them.

Savvy retailers have recognized this and are already starting to use new technologies such as geolocation, beacons and mobile coupons, to target consumers through the device they use the most and to provide a seamless shopping journey. and a truly multi-channel shopping experience.

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