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Twitch Streamer xQc Turned Down $1 Million To Stream Mobile Games

Popular Twitch streamer xQc addresses the controversy surrounding his gaming streams by pointing to lucrative mobile gaming offers he turned down.

Popular Tic Streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel has been known to play the game during the live stream, and this content has returned to his channel much to the delight of some and the chagrin of others. Responding to continued criticism regarding the aforementioned Twitch game streams, xQc pointed to an occasion in which it was turned down $1 million to stream mobile games.

During a live stream on Twitch on May 19, xQc spoke candidly with his audience, as he often does when the topic of gaming comes up once again. His Twitch viewers aren’t the first to criticize xQc and his return to gaming on Twitch, as fellow streamers Asmongold, Cr1tiKaL, Pokimane, and Myth have also expressed concerns over the popular streamer’s return to gaming content. his game on Twitch, xQc said he had turned down $1 million in the past because he didn’t want to play mobile games.


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Telling his Twitch audience that he loves to game, xQc confirmed that he has received lucrative offers of up to $1 million from mobile developers to play their games “for a certain number of hours. “. This suggests that the mobile game deals came with terms that xQc was less comfortable with than its slots sponsorship deal. The popular Twitch streamer mainly turned down these offers because he doesn’t like to play it and doesn’t have fun with it, unlike when he’s playing, which is fine with him.

According to 2021 Twitch leaks that revealed how much money many content creators make, xQc has earned over $8 million since 2019, and the revenue continues to pour in as he remains one of the world’s biggest live streamers. more popular. Floating consistently at the top of Twitch view and subscriber count, xQc broke its viewership record at the start of the Monitor 2 Beta PvP. Its game streams still attract over 60,000 viewers, which contributes to the growing number of xQc, but it also contributes to its revenue which is already growing thanks to game sponsorship and all earnings.

In the past, xQc has told some people to “get a grip” on their own lives before trying to fix his, and he’s also publicly said he’s not a great role model. Having so much money to work with while playing slot games on Twitch, some xQc fans may consider his losses miniscule compared to their own gaming experiences. Although he didn’t mention which mobile games got him offered over $1 million, popular titles such as Raid: Legends of Shadow and Genshin Impact have the significant economic capital to offer to Twitch streamers as popular as xQc.

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