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The manufacture of Coroflot’s new mobile work unit

Last week, our partners at unveiled their brand new office on wheels, the Mobile Work Unit (MWU). The MWU is the result of’s collaboration with LOS OSOS, a Portland-based design studio known for designing creative retail, workplace and exhibition environments.

All photos courtesy of Josh Partee.

The cheerful unit features polycarbonate cladding, wood interiors, bench seats, open office space, and a food prep station. The brand new company logo on the front of the trailer completes the space.

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Principal designer of LOS OSOS, Laurence Sarrazin notes the unique coating of the structure:

“What excites me the most is that the construction is post and beam, which diminishes the function of the wall as a structure. So I used polycarbonate as the coating, which allows all that light to enter while providing an acoustic barrier.

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Coroflot is a long-standing web platform dedicated to connecting designers with professional opportunities, but the goal of building a physical office space was to bring the company’s mission to life.

“Coroflot is a virtual community, but the connections between employers and job seekers are real world connections. We thought it was important to bring a real world component into what Coroflot does. ”—Co-founder of Coroflot, Eric Ludlum

Here’s a look at how the innovative space was built:

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