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The huge growth of mobile games

Online mobile games have taken the world by storm since their inception and now in our day their popularity, both in their Android and iOS versions, as well as in their web versions, has reached its peak. Technological advancements have created some buzz with several software vendors trying to incorporate augmented reality or the AR factor into their new mobile games with the huge success of the Pokémon Go franchise. But it’s not just augmented reality. or augmented reality which is responsible for the widespread popularity of mobile games, especially online casino games. The bar for user satisfaction has now been set higher than ever before and as a result, all gaming software vendors have made sure to keep testing more and more so that they can include new features in their software. games, make bug fixes and pepper. the market with more and more new versions of their popular games, to keep the attention of their users for a long time.

In addition to video games, there are a plethora of different card games that have captured the attention of people over the past few years. But, truth be told, the highest gambling revenues have come from slot machine games. If we look at a statistical analysis of three European countries namely Italy, UK and Finland, then you will be able to understand it better. According to Statista, in Italy, the GGR or gross gaming revenue in 2020 was the highest for Amusement Prizes with Prizes (AWP) slots, in the € 13 billion gaming industry. In Finland, the National Institute of Health and Welfare said Finns spend more than € 2 billion a year on gambling, with a clear preference for kolikkopelit, as the Finns call them, than any other casino game. British residents love horse racing, with 3.8% of all players betting there, but slots come second with 3.7% of traffic, generating £ 14.26 billion, according to The European Business Review.

Entice players with new bonus rounds, more free spins, Infinity Reels, customizations, and more. our phones, and accessing all mobile-based online slots in a user-friendly, high-quality graphical experience anytime, anywhere, is top priority.

Scroll down this article to learn more about how slots games have taken the mobile gaming world by storm, with their simple game structure and fun cash returns, and gaming software providers. slots that you absolutely must watch to play and win.

What Makes Slot Machine Games So Popular With Mobile Gamers?

Almost all online casinos today have several online gaming options available in their catalog to tempt players from all niches. There are table card games, live or not, such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack, video poker, etc., craps, keno, bingo, lottery and more. But, what really makes these online casinos tick is the excellent selection of slot machine games that these online casinos offer.

Here are all the reasons why slot machine games have become a favorite among players in the online casino industry.

Easy lemon squeezy

Definitely games of convenience, slot machine games not only give you the convenience and simplicity of just logging into your favorite online casino and playing without any download risk, they are also easy to play. Reliant more on luck than skill, slot machine games are a fun way to relax and maybe even land a jackpot or two, without continually engaging your brain. Just click on the Spin button.

Free and available

Yes, most slots have two modes: demo or free mode and real money play mode. It’s up to you to decide if you want to commit just to relax and have fun, or if you want to bet the money to see it double down. No pressure. More points if you just sign up at an online casino and get free spins to use.

Beginner Bonanza

All newbies, regardless of their passion for cards, start with slot machine games at online casinos to try their luck. With almost no deposit required, slot machine games are safety and simplicity wrapped up in neat sets.

Technology friendly

You don’t need the new gaming software installed on your phone to play slots. Slot machines are very simple and usually classic games, HTML5 or Flash, so they work with almost any mobile phone regardless of version.

Multiple variations

Definitely an important thing to watch out for, slot machine games have so much variety. From themed slots focused on favorite shows to the nostalgic old-fashioned journeys provided by the fruity slots, pick your poison and go for it. You can also buy the jackpot on some slot machines on your mobile phone.

Which online slots software providers should you try?

There are a plethora of online slots software providers available right now. But, some of them have been developing slot machine game technology for decades and it shows in their games. While some newer software vendors sometimes offer cutting edge or standalone slots that become cult games over time, for beginners and those looking for the convenience of experimenting, the following game vendors are essentials.


Certainly one of the oldest slots software providers in the world, Microgaming is often referred to as the father of online casino software providers. Launched as early as 1994, Microgaming has improved over the years with more technological advancements that have led to higher graphics and greater compatibility with devices. They have produced thousands of slots which are not only the creators of the Mega Moolah and Megaways slots, but also the proud parents of themed favorites like Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park and so on.


Launched in 1999, Playtech is a visionary in the world of slot machine games. They bought out several small software companies like Quickspin, Ash Gaming and so on to increase their market. With the introduction of the mobile gaming industry in 2012, Playtech offers games that are easily accessible and highly compatible because they use simple technologies like HTML5 and Classic. Games like Jackpot Giant, Holy Grail, iPoker and so on are just a few of the favorites created by Playtech.


Founded in 1996, NetEnt is a force to be reckoned with in the world of casino gaming software. NetEnt allows gamers to play the games directly without a download, allowing them to continue fixing bugs as the game progresses. 3D animation, innovative designs, and incredible graphics quality aside, NetEnt also has a reputation for being the best with RNG or Random Number Generator technology, giving you the most provable fairness possible. They also have a new technological advancement called touch games which have revolutionized mobile games, giving you the benefits of desktop games on your mobile phone. No loss of speed or quality when Touch is there! Some popular NetEnt slots include Guns N Roses, Hell’s Kitchen, and Blood Sucker slots.


So, now that you know why mobile casino games are such a hit, it’s time for you to get your hands on the slot machine, pick a slot machine from the providers mentioned above, and spin for it. have fun or to win, as you wish!

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