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The future of mobile games in 2022

The mobile gaming scene is expected to get more games in 2022 that have also been made for PC and console, TouchArcade Editor-in-Chief Jared Nelson told Axios.

Why is this important: Mobile is already the biggest industry in gaming, but what constitutes a mobile game is changing rapidly.

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  • For decades, most great games on mobile were entirely different from the hit games on other platforms.

  • The lines are blurring thanks to more powerful mobile devices and because console and PC game makers want a slice of the giant mobile market.

  • “It seems silly to ignore the billions of potential customers who own smartphones and tablets,” Nelson said.

Between the lines: Mobile crossover games can be ports (new versions of older PC/console games) or cross-platform (launched at the same or nearly the same time on console/PC and mobile).

State of play: One of the biggest games in the world, Genshin Impact works on mobile and console.

  • Both Ubisoft and Activision plan to release new installments of major console/PC franchises on mobile this year.

  • League of Legends came to mobile in late 2020, and Pokemon Unite is thriving on Switch and mobile.

The big picture: The mobile games market generated $93.2 billion last year and accounted for 52% of the industry, according to industry tracker Newzoo

  • Consoles held 28% of the market, PCs 20%, according to Newzoo.

  • In the United States, where consoles are the largest sector, mobile accounts for less than half of the market.

  • It’s also facing greater stigma among hardcore gamers in the region, though Nelson believes it’s finally changing thanks to crossover releases like Call of Duty and League of Legends on mobile.

The bottom line: Much attention is paid to the growing size of the mobile games scene, but Nelson points out that the quality of mobile games is also on the rise.

  • He’s tried over 500 mobile games in the past year and is impressed with many indie creations and bigger publishers.

  • His site, which is backed by a Patreon, remains a go-to for people looking for information on the best new titles in a field awash with constant releases.

  • “It’s been a good year for mobile games,” he said. “As long as you’re willing to put in the effort to find what’s worth it, I don’t think mobile has ever had a bad year.”

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