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The best mobile games so far in 2021 – Entertainment Focus

Although it has only been around relatively recently, the mobile gaming industry has grown into a global phenomenon with millions of gamers taking their games with them wherever they go. From simple puzzle games to massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) that bring together thousands of players to complete quests together, there is a mobile game for everyone.

In the early days of cellphone technology, gamers were thrilled when their phones were preloaded with classic games like ‘snake’ and the idea of ​​playing games on a phone really took hold. As technology progressed and cell phones became more and more sophisticated, so did the games they could play.

As computer games became a rapidly growing market, developers used the shrinking size of microchips, graphics improvements, and faster and more efficient processors to capitalize on the opportunity to develop an entirely new gaming industry. Gamers didn’t want to be limited by their personal computers, and cell phone technology was breaking new ground every few months, providing a great opportunity for a convenient and flexible way to play on the go.

Mobile gaming for modern times

Game designers quickly started making games specifically for the mobile market, incorporating features that make them more appealing to those who play on the go. By analyzing the way people interact with their phones and taking into account the circumstances under which they would be likely to play, they developed games that worked with smaller screens, made features like pause buttons easy to use. access and designed games that could be played in short bursts to suit gambling habits.

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The mobile gaming industry has also introduced entirely new sales models for games, such as ‘freemium’ games where the initial download comes at no cost, but in-game achievements can be unlocked faster with small payouts that make the game profitable. The developers also offer ad-free versions of the games for minimal cost, giving customers a choice whether they want to spend their time or money playing the game.

Mobile games are designed to be easily accessible, and with over 2.2 billion mobile gamers worldwide, the market is large. Games account for nearly half of all smartphone uses and the market is estimated to be over $ 76 billion, so it’s no surprise that exciting new games are still being developed and brought to market as the industry continues to grow. continues to grow.

Credit: Pexels

Most people now play games through mobile devices.

So it’s no surprise that there are nearly half a million games to choose from when browsing the App Store, and some of the best are just begging to be downloaded:

Online bingo

While it may have its roots firmly offline in the 20e century, bingo has been given a new lease of life in online gaming. Playing bingo on a mobile device has all the benefits of any bingo game, with the added benefits of being flexible and convenient. One of the main advantages of the game are the free bingo games, allowing players to play the game without using their own money, the best part is that they even have the chance to win real money!

Mobile bingo games are designed to be short, allowing players to adapt to their travels, during breaks or whenever they find a little downtime. The social aspects of the game that made it such a popular choice during the 1980s bingo boom are all preserved through online discussion forums and social media, and the addition of promotions, specials and bonuses. brings the best of offline bingo to online gaming.

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Call of Duty: Mobile

With so many shooting games to choose from, it’s no surprise to learn that the mobile version of ‘Call of Duty’ was a top choice among gamers in 2021. Bringing gamers the excitement of the original game in a mobile format, some say this version combines all of the most compelling elements of existing games.

The format is a first-person shooter and the high quality of the franchise has moved to the mobile version with great control support and a range of different modes, including the ability to play in Battle Royale mode.

Mobile games
Credit: Pexels

First-person shooter games like Call of Duty are one of the most popular games on mobile devices.

Among us

As well as taking popular culture by storm, ‘Among Us’ has also attracted millions of fans who love the simplicity of the concept combined with its modern take on a thriller. Players work together through the online interface, joining forces to prepare a spaceship for departure, but one of them is an impostor.

The collaborative aspect saw millions of players joining the game to try and find and outsmart their opponents, and at times there were two million players a day joining the game to find out who was trying to kill the crew of the spatialship.

Genshin Impact

For fans of fantasy, anime and action, this role-playing game has a lot to offer, from beautifully rendered graphics to thrilling and engaging gameplay. It draws heavily on influences from other popular games, such as “The Legend of Zelda,” but with a new twist that sets it apart from the crowd, and it’s all free.

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With the growing popularity of mobile games, there are so many ways to have fun on a smartphone that gamers are spoiled for choice. From puzzles and strategy games to action and adventure, the future suggests that the game is not only here to stay, but will continue to evolve and develop in accordance with the incredible demand. of the gaming community to deliver even more sensational games in the years to come. to come.

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