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The 7 best point-and-click mobile games – The Clare People

Point-and-click is an adventure subgenre whose mechanics are basically point-and-click to generate action, whether it’s walking, running, or collecting items. Coupled with the narrative, these games have grown in importance in recent years and have taken players on incredible adventures.

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  • In my humble opinion, there is no better device for style than cell phones. The ease of playing anywhere and the natural urge to use clicks on the device make this platform a great ground for the genre.

    7. The inner world series

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: R $ 9.99 for Android and R $ 1.99 for iOS
  • Size: approximately 730MB for Android and

    Let’s start the list with The Inner World, award-winning series from German developer Headup Games, famous for Bridge Constructor. In the first game, we are introduced to the protagonist, Robert, a peaceful citizen of Asposia who sees his life turned upside down by the arrival of the wind gods there.

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    The game is loaded with humor, great voice acting, and hand-drawn storylines that delight gamers. Collect resources, interact with the locals and solve puzzles to deepen the history and the universe around you.

    The Inner World uses humor to deliver an exceptional player experience (Image: Rodrigo Folter / Screenshot)

    6. One way: the elevator

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: R $ 8.46 for Android and R $ 17.99 for iOS
  • Cut: approximately 730 MB for Android and 1.5 GB for iOS
  • One Way is a puzzle-solving title and mixes that with the fun part of the story, taking the player to a new world every time the elevator goes up. The cartoonish graphics intensify the feeling of living the dream offered by the story.

    The elevator serves as a metaphor for tough times in life and how we should seek to improve ourselves while helping others. Meet different residents, each with their own set of challenges, and get ready for an exciting experience!

    Solve puzzles to collect orbs and meet new inhabitants of this magical world (Image: Rodrigo Folter / Screenshot)
    5. Four last things

    • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price:
    R $ 15,113 for Android and R $ 113 for iOS
  • Cut:

  • approx. 113 MB for Android and 730 MB for iOS (version 1.0 for Android and 1.1 for iOS)
  • What if I told you that one could live adventures in Renaissance works with a lot of humor, sometimes sour, and full of puzzles to solve? Joe Richardson delivers this satire using the paintings as a backdrop to critique the customs of the time which may very well be traced to the present day.

    We can summarize the experience as a mix of Monkey Island, a classic point and click game, with Monty Python, the famous British comedy group. Get ready for a humorous experience, plenty of choices available, and great narrative depth.

    Travel through Renaissance paintings in this humorous point-and-click game (Image: Rodrigo Folter / Screenshot)


  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: first chapter free (full game for R $ 22.57 for Android and R $ 39.99 for iOS)
  • Cut: approximately 1.1 GB for Android and 1.6 GB for iOS (version 2.5 for Android and 2.7 for iOS)
  • Oxenfree works her story on a cliché: a group of young people who go to a deserted place to drink, tell horror stories and make fun of each other. Gradually, the seemingly innocent journey turns into a supernatural thriller with many mysteries and puzzles to solve.

    The highlight is the dubbing, one of the most compelling electronics in the gaming industry, which gives a high level of authenticity to the story. Learn about each character’s past and, through a system of choice, the storyline of Alex and his friends on Edward Island.

    Venture to this abandoned one-point island and click with excellent voice acting and scripting (Image: Rodrigo Folter / Screenshot)

    3. The Bedroom series

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: R $ 3.22 for Android and R $ 4.90 for iOS
  • Cut:
  • approximately 470MB for Android and 240MB for iOS (version

    A point-and-click list wouldn’t be complete without The Room. The BAFTA winner is the best escape room experience available for mobile devices.

    This game captivates those who like to solve complex puzzles and are very attentive to details. The game offers hints as it finds something that can be used, giving enough information to pique your curiosity and keep trying to solve the phases.

    Intricate puzzles await players in this point-and-click series from Fireproof Games (Image: Rodrigo Folter / Screenshot)

    of them. The walking dead
  • Compatibility:

    Android, iOS

  • Price: first chapter free (full game for R $ 90.90 for Android and R $ 99,113 for iOS)
  • Size: approximately 1.4 GB for both platforms (version 1.22 for Android and 1.for iOS)

    Perhaps one of the most memorable stories of the eighth generation of consoles, Telltale presented with The Walking Dead a gripping story based on the universe created by Robert Kirkman. Like Lee, the player finds a second chance in the world, thanks to his relationship with Clementine.

    The game mixes point-and-click style with choice elements of dialogue and action, which change the course of the story, in addition to strengthening or weakening their relationship with the other survivors. It puts an emotional weight on their decisions, turning that experience into something beautiful, with a tragic end.

    Follow Lee and Clementine’s journey through a hostile universe (Image: Rodrigo Folter / Screenshot)

    1. The last express
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price:
    R $ 22.90 for Android and R $ 46.99 for iOS
  • Cut: approximately 1.3 GB for Android and
  • Game director Jordan Mechner puts the player in the shoes of Robert Cath in 650 in this episodic adventure in a Europe on the verge of war. On board the famous Orient Express, the player finds himself caught up in an international political intrigue and must choose the direction of the story.

    The game is still remembered today as one of the artistic benchmarks in the industry due to the use of rotoscoping for animation, a technique the director introduced into electronic games, and excellent historical fidelity. An important step in the industry that deserves to be known.

  • Check out this important game in the history of the industry available on mobile (Image: Rodrigo Folter / ScreenCapture)

    Discover the different artistic styles present in this prolific genre of electronic games and challenge yourself with its puzzles.

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