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SocialPeta in mobile gaming markets in China (mainland and non-mainland), Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia

SocialPeta published a report on market characteristics and preferred types of games in different regional markets in Asia. Here are the main takeaways from the study.

Mainland china

  • The mobile gaming market is oversaturated, the competition is tough.
  • The hits mostly come from local studios. You can only compete with them through innovation in gameplay or marketing
  • Game licensing regulations are very strict, many games easily fail to release.
  • To enter the Chinese market, you need to cooperate with a local partner. Previous blockbuster games such as Angry Birds and Subway Surfers all have local partners in China.
  • References to traditional Chinese culture will increase the chances of the game being successful, but there are a lot of taboos that you should also be aware of. For example, items related to national flags should be avoided.
  • TikTok and Weibo are recommended for marketing.

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

  • Regulatory policy on mobile games is relatively loose in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.
  • According to SocialPeta, the main categories of advertisers are role-playing games, puzzles, and strategy games.


  • Due to a strong cultural barrier, the Japanese gaming market has the highest demand for localization.
  • Japanese gamers are used to playing games on the go. They tend to choose a game based on trends in major markets.
  • According to SmartNews, role-playing games represent the greatest amount of advertising (there is relatively fixed favorite types of mobile games in Japan). Thanks to FB news feed networks, puzzle and simulation advertisers perform better.

South Korea

  • The region has the highest penetration of smartphones and hence the highest penetration of mobile games.
  • According to SocialPeta, puzzle games are the most popular category with advertisers.
  • Kpop idol groups are very present in marketing.

South East Asia

  • The majority of paid users are under the age of 24 (the second category is that of paid users aged 25 to 39).
  • Puzzle games are the most popular category.
  • Male users in the region tend to play competitive games due to their interest in esports competitions, while female users prefer casual games.
  • Southeast Asian countries are often discussed together, but customs are quite different from country to country, and special attention should be paid to religious taboos.

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