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Samsung closes mobile factory after employee infected with COVID-19

Samsung Electronics has closed its mobile device factory in Gumi, South Korea, after a confirmed case of coronavirus was reported at its complex. According to reports, Samsung Electronics is shutting down the floor where the infected employee had worked until the morning of February 25, 2020.

The employee concerned would be a member of the wireless division which is in charge of the production of smartphones. Samsung’s COVID-19 task force has informed all employees that they are shutting down the Gumi factory for two days and urged all staff to use face masks when they return to work. Those who have come into contact with the infected employee are placed in self-quarantine and Samsung has taken steps to have them tested for possible infection.

The impact of the smartphone product is expected to be minimal, as Samsung Galaxy devices are mostly made in Vietnam and India. The South Korean facility would represent a small portion of the devices that include high-end products such as foldable smartphones and devices for the domestic market.

The temporary shutdown is unlikely to affect the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy A series. However, it may impact the production of foldable devices such as the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Fold.

There has been a spike in coronavirus cases in South Korea in recent days. Gumi is close to the city of Daegu, where a church is believed to be the center of South Korea’s largest coronavirus outbreak.

According to the latest figures from the Malaysian Ministry of Health, South Korea has 433 confirmed cases with a total of 3 deaths. Japan is next with 122 cases and 1 death, and Singapore with 85 confirmed cases and zero deaths.

For now, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Malaysia remains unchanged at 22 cases and no deaths have been reported so far.

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