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Parisian mobile apps publisher Lumos Apps raises 1.6 million euros –

Paris-based mobile application publisher Lumos Apps has raised 1.6 million euros as part of a new funding round. Borrowing a page from the gaming industry’s playbook, the startup replicates the proven publishing model and applies it to all non-gaming categories, ultimately propelling developer titles higher and higher on the charts. app stores. The new funds will be used to further develop proprietary prediction and business automation technologies as well as to strengthen the size of the team.

Founded in 2020 by Vincent Hart de Keating and Damien Soulard, Lumos Apps builds on Hart de Keating’s impressive resume which includes the title of co-founder and CEO of Homa Games, a company ‘specializing in publishing, l ‘user acquisition and monetization of mobile games‘, and a stint as performance marketing manager with HitFox from Berlin, which would eventually become the HitFox group, then Ioniq Likewise, Soulard s technical expertise ‘spanned a decade ago.

With Lumos Apps, the duo build on their previous publishing experiences in the gaming industry and extrapolate the methodology to all non-gaming industries. The startup uses predictive and AI-based technologies to help customers improve their game in all critical aspects of an app’s performance in the associated Apple and Google markets, including user experience, business acquisition. users, App Store optimization and perhaps most importantly, monetization. Armed with this information, Lumos Apps customers can expect smaller teams to be able to focus on more apps compared to industry benchmarks.

When developers publish through Lumos Apps, the company’s Lumos Forecast product can provide an accurate prediction to 85% of the future lifetime value of an installed app in just 4 days.

With the data gleaned from this prediction, the Lumos Bidder can then analyze cost per install and future user lifecycle value, and automatically configure or reconfigure bids and budgets for all campaigns across all campaigns. countries and networks, thus maximizing return on investment.

And if that wasn’t enough, Lumos Apps also provides developers with a 4-day cycle of AB testing that reports the most successful interaction that has the highest lifetime value potential.

“There are so many companies and content creators who are developing apps that don’t succeed. They aren’t mobile app experts and don’t understand the ins and outs of publishing an app, ”says Hart of Keating. “This is what we do: we take care of all aspects of the production of the app, while the business or creator can focus on what they do best: producing great content.”

And so it would seem that the proof is in the pudding, since Lumos Apps has already won twenty publishing contracts, with the fitness application for women, Weburn, entering the Top 50 most downloaded applications in the Health category. & Fitness in the United States, with the Plaw phone personalization app ranking in the top 20 in the Lifestyle category in the United States.

The € 1.6 million funding for Lumos Apps was provided by the founder-founder of venture capital firm Breega, alongside the ubiquitous Bpifrance.

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