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Kenyan mobile commerce start-up Copia expands into Uganda

Copia Global, a fast growing mobile commerce platform designed to serve middle to low income African consumers, has expanded its operations to Uganda.

Launched in 2013, Copy combines technology and a network of local agents to offer a wide range of products and efficient and reliable delivery to “base of the pyramid” consumers. Its service enables rural households to access goods that would otherwise be difficult to obtain without traveling to a major city.

In Kenya, the startup serves one million customers and doubles in size each year. Its expansion into Uganda aims to bring high-quality, affordable products to millions of middle-class Ugandans, regardless of location, access to technology or connection status.

“Uganda has one of the fastest growing middle classes in the world with a hardworking population and a vibrant entrepreneurial culture. Copia is uniquely designed to serve this fast growing but underserved consumer base who want access to high quality products at the best prices, ”said Tracey Turner, Founder and President of Copia Global.

“By harnessing mobile technologies, a network of local agents and logistics technology, Copia can transform the middle class and emerging middle class Africans into self-sustaining global customers. Our expansion into Uganda is the next step in accomplishing this mission. “

Copy secured US $ 26 million in Series B funding in November 2019, and more capital of the United States’ International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) last year. It plans to expand its mobile commerce platform and logistics network to other parts of Africa in the coming years.

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