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Jon Zacharias’ Latest Marketing Guide Highlights Mobile Commerce

SMS is a great part of any multichannel strategy because it is cost effective, scalable and completely effective. This is because SMS messages are not only delivered almost instantly, but they also offer one of the best open rates in direct marketing communications and it’s incredibly easy to track how often they are opened. Not only that, but SMS allows you to reach your audience at any time of the day, without relying on them to search for email or browse social networks; their text inbox is a direct line accessible almost 24/7. But that can actually make SMS marketing difficult, as it takes a lot of care in knowing when to contact and how often. Since it is a private line, consumers are more likely to protect it and are more willing to decline branded messages or even block the sender. To this end, Jon Zacharie outlines some of the strategic advice he implemented working with GR0.

As Zechariah Notes, it is imperative to make sure that a user has chosen to receive your messages before deciding to send them. It can be tempting to instantly save a cell phone number to your system after receiving it when creating an account or ordering, but in this case discretion is the best part of bravery. By respecting the privacy of your audience, they are more likely to respect you in turn and will appreciate that you are not harassing them for their time, attention and money. Additionally, many countries legally require the opt-in for data protection reasons, so you should make sure that you comply with local laws.

Second, SMS is a line of communication that will immediately alert the consumer, unlike email. This means that the timing of your message is more important than ever, and you need to consider time zones when planning national SMS campaigns. Customers probably won’t want to respond to messages sent at odd times like early in the day or late at night, so it’s best to schedule your correspondence around traditional working hours. It may also be relevant for the day of the week you chose to send; if you work in the hospitality industry, it might be advisable to send a message later in the week and encourage weekend planning. Understand that your SMS messages are part of a larger multi-channel campaign, so you won’t want to overwhelm a user with exposure to your brand. Think about the last time they might have seen one of your ads when you plan to message them so you don’t disturb them.

Ultimately, Jon Zacharie explains that every SMS message from a marketer should follow two simple guidelines. First, it should contain your brand name so that the person understands who they are communicating with. Second, it needs to be both short and meaningful, often presenting some sort of limited time offer or special to justify contacting them directly. While it can be tempting to just duplicate a copy you’ve used elsewhere in a text message, it’s important to personalize the medium you’re working on and tailor your message to where it arrives. This continues in accordance with Zacharias’ theme of respecting the user, their privacy and their time while minimizing your brand’s potential intrusion into their SMS inbox. Not only that, but you’ll want to tempt the user to open the message from the limited preview they’ll get of it on their notification screen. If that little blurb contains the sale or promotion, you’ll see a much bigger response as opposed to a post that begins with a long intro.

For some it might seem a little dangerous to get into SMS marketing and potentially annoy customers, but it is also important to understand the immense benefits that this communication channel can offer. Prices vary depending on your provider of choice, but on average, a text message can cost anywhere from $ 30 To $ 300, offering you instant messages to your consumers that have incredibly high open rates. This gives you a quick way to directly market a promotion or discount in the name of driving sales and engaging your users. As the mobile market continues to expand, more brands will look to connect with their customers via SMS, and the competition will continue to increase. By working early to build connections with your audience, you can earn their trust early on and gain credibility before they run out.

With GR0, Jon Zacharie has found great success using SMS marketing for brands big and small, all striving to deliver unique content tailored directly to their customers. The burgeoning marketing agency works closely with its clients to help them integrate SMS into multi-channel marketing strategies, boosting SEO, online brand awareness and even sales. While SMS might just be one piece of a bigger puzzle, Zacharias and his team put their expertise into action by combining them all to help grow your digital image.

Jon Zacharie spent years working in digital marketing and advertising, and his latest business GR0 is clear proof of this. He currently works with influencers from all sects to build meaningful relationships between his clients and their potential audiences, and is constantly working to grow his portfolio. With over 30 employees, GR0 helps brands improve their SEO rankings on Google and create quality online engagement between themselves and their customers.

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