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How Taobao Live, China’s leading mobile commerce destination, is preparing for the future

Taobao Marketplace, the leading mobile commerce destination in China and part of the Alibaba Group business, is poised to become more data-driven and refine its technology deployment while increasing its footprint as an inclusive brand for all.

The platform plans to continue investing in technology upgrades, online and offline resources, and physical live streaming centers with the goal of staying competitive, while strengthening its strong ecosystem of partners. Yu Feng, vice president of Alibaba Group, which oversees Taobao’s content e-commerce, said, “The m-commerce player intends to support 2,000 live broadcast channels and 200 partners to achieve annual sale of 100 million RMB ($ 15.4 million) each.

In a tumultuous global business climate, Taobao Live managed to have a good year, achieving strong growth in user acquisition and loyalty. According to shared data, “The number of loyal users who watched live streaming sessions six times a day as of December 31, 2020 and placed an average of more than 10 orders per month increased by 150% from the start of 2020 “.

What’s in store?

  • Going forward, Taobao Live plans to deploy even more advanced data capabilities in its offerings, as well as upgrade its platform tools and leverage cutting-edge technologies for increased productivity and efficiency.

  • To this end, the platform announced two new tools for customer engagement and content marketing that include a CRM tool to better support sellers, and KOLs (key opinion leaders) to manage live content. , sales, products and fan engagement via private at the store level. areas. A new open and centralized portal is also being launched to connect and match products, merchants and live streamers for business opportunities.

  • In addition, the platform also adopted DAMO Academy’s AI algorithms to deliver precise recommendations to clients and deploy the academy’s live streaming virtual hosting technology to improve user engagement. DAMO Academy, owned by Alibaba, works on science and technology research and innovation ready for the future.

  • However, not everything will be virtual. Taobao Live also plans to invest in the development of 300 physical live streaming centers this year to bring even more relevant and engaging content to consumers. These centers will be equipped with a workspace, live broadcast studios and equipment to enable small and medium brands, merchants and KOLs to collaborate and incubate ideas, as well as seek quick and easy access. to use live streaming technology to promote their products. And services.

Why Taobao Live is important for brands and merchants

  • Taobao Live has been positioned as an easy to use tool that can be used by anyone. All they need is a cell phone and internet access to start using this platform.

  • The platform has so far helped create more than 1.7 million jobs and has also launched 102 training centers for farmers in 23 provinces of China.

  • The tool has become an integral part of the daily operations and marketing strategies of many merchants, with over 60% of Taobao Live sessions currently being streamed from official brand and seller stores.

  • Not only that, it is also a popular way among new brands to create new customers.

  • Over 90% of new brands have used this tool to strengthen their presence.

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