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GEM Capital invests $400,000 in Skich aka “Tinder for mobile games”

GEM Capital has invested in the Cypriot company Skich, the developer of the eponymous application. It aims to help users find mobile games that match their interests through personalized recommendations.

GEM Capital’s investment in the pre-seed round was $400,000. This money will go to the development and promotion of Skich app.

“2.8 billion mobile gaming audiences are increasingly faced with the challenge of finding content that better matches their interests from the huge volume of games released every day,” said the gaming and entertainment leader. of GEM Capital, Kirill Gurskiy, in a statement. “The App Store and Google Play recommendation services don’t do this well and are rightly criticized for being inflexible.”

Skich was founded by Sergey Budkovski and Ivan Zenkovich, who previously worked at 69pixels, one of the world’s leading UX/UI agencies. The team is now based in Cyprus and Poland.

According to Budkovski, the investment will allow Skich to expand its team and begin “actively building partnerships with game developers and preparing for the next round of investment.”

Skich, available on iOS and Android, works similarly to Tinder, bringing social discovery to mobile game recommendations. It creates personalized selections of mobile titles based on the interests of a user and their friends. Users can swipe game cards, which consist of screenshots and video of the game in question, and decide whether or not they like the recommended app.

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