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Fraserside raises funds to purchase a new mobile work team truck

The Fraserside Community Services Society is overwhelmed by a wave of community support for a new truck for its mobile work team.

The mobile work team is a social enterprise that benefits adults with developmental disabilities in the community. Thanks to the program, these people receive real pay for real work – and feel a sense of responsibility and belonging to the community.

At Halloween 2020, the team’s truck was stolen, leaving the future of the program uncertain, as the truck is used to transport the team along with the tools and equipment they need to get their jobs done.

Fraserside recently launched a campaign to raise $ 40,000 to purchase a new truck for the program. In response to media coverage, the New West-based nonprofit was inundated with donations – and 144 donors helped it reach its goal after just a week of fundraising.

“We are very grateful for the incredible response from the community,” Fraserside CEO Lynda Edmonds said in a press release. “The team is thrilled to have a new truck in time for the spring and now have a reliable vehicle to take on the job.

Back to work

The Fraserside Community Services Society provides housing, employment, and social support for people with disabilities, homelessness, poverty, chronic mental illness, or substance abuse issues.

According to Fraserside, any donations that exceed the cost of the new vehicle will go to the highest priority needs of the nonprofit in order to do the most good for the people they support. The company provides housing, employment and social support to people with disabilities, homeless people, people living in poverty, suffering from chronic mental illness or addiction problems.

The mobile work team performs a variety of outdoor jobs such as landscaping, garbage removal, pressure washing, recycling, grounds maintenance and maintenance for customers in the greater Montreal area. Vancouver. To book the service, call the program supervisor at 604-723-3439.

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