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The World Health Organization (WHO) to provide expertise and support on health topics

Gucci and FACEIT have joined forces to launch the Gucci Gaming Academy, the first initiative of its kind created by a luxury fashion brand, aimed at empowering young esports talent, while creating a more competitive and gaming environment. healthy. The development program has been designed to provide support and improve soft skills – through dedicated coaching sessions and teamwork activities – and help the next generation of esports talent manage the growing number of mental and physical problems resulting from the pressure of performance in the game and online exam.

The Gucci Gaming Academy kicks off with four CS:GO players who are already participating in the FACEIT Pro League (FPL), a competitive and moderate online league that has proven to be the springboard for the careers of some of the most decorated professional gamers in the game. esports, with the intention of increasing this number over time. The selection of candidates will not only be based on in-game performance, but also on interviews to assess the candidates’ personal values ​​and soft skills, including their aptitude for teamwork and their approach to conflict resolution. . Players will be part of the Academy for up to a year, or until they are signed to a team, thus turning professional.

The Gucci Gaming Academy plays an indispensable role in the future of the esports talent pool, facilitating the transition from amateur to professional in the same vein as academy programs seen in traditional sport.

Nicolas Oudinot, EVP New Business and CEO of Gucci VAULT mentioned “Gucci is at the forefront of the luxury industry’s foray into the world of gaming and as part of our mission to build meaningful relationships with communities in a truly authentic way, we are committed to supporting rising generations of gamers to help manage the challenges they may face as a result of their participation in esports. Understanding the issues that concern them and learning more about them from the people they affect is at the heart of this collaboration..”

We are proud to announce the launch of the Gucci Gaming Academy. Together, we identified the need to create a new initiative that would help develop new talent. The Academy will provide a clear path to a professional structure connecting the dots between the FACEIT Pro League, education and wellness“, commented Co-founder and CBO of FACEIT, Michele Attisani. “The physical and mental demands of players looking to compete at a professional level are high. Players have rigorous training schedules, compete in high-pressure tournaments and immense fan pressure, so it’s important that new talent entering the space is equipped with the right support structure at an early stage. of their development. Supporting and empowering young esports talent is core to FACEIT’s values ​​and through our shared vision with Gucci, we hope the Academy will help equip the role models of tomorrow.

The program includes group and individual activities to improve the skills of esports athletes, inside and outside the spheres of their respective game titles, as well as additional benefits, such as:

  • Group sessions led by psychologists specialized in Mindwork esports; topics include “Performing Under Stress”, “How to Cope in the Spotlight”, “Teamwork” and more
  • Individual sessions with specialized psychologists who will accompany the players in their competitive journey
  • Digital training plans designed specifically for each player, delivered through the Gucci Education platform
  • Participation in community experiences coordinated by the Gucci Changemakers Volunteering program
  • Access via FACEIT to professional coaches who will provide training to improve in-game performance and offer practical strategies for how to compete professionally while maintaining a healthy mindset
  • Virtual educational sessions teaching the basics of player contracts and personal branding.
  • High-end gaming PCs and monitors for optimal performance and a custom selection of computer electronic peripherals from Logitech G for high-level gaming and easy learning
  • Access to the extensive Gucci and FACEIT esports network for the entire player career

The values ​​of the Gucci Gaming Academy are represented by ambassadors, commentator James Bardolph, Counter-Strike legend Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund and pioneer for women in esports Stephanie “missharvey” Harvey. Ambassadors will also act as mentors for academy players, hosting one-on-one mentoring sessions with each talent each month.

The Gucci Gaming Academy was designed by Gucci and FACEIT in conjunction with some of the world’s leading mental and physical health organizations and legal minds to ensure that every element of the program has been informed by experts.

Significantly, as part of the program, Gucci and FACEIT will also work with the World Health Organization to find ways to help all players involved improve their game while prioritizing health and safety. . This includes mental and physical health, fighting online misinformation, among other essential topics.

“We salute the efforts of Gucci and FACEIT to encourage their vast online communities to take the necessary steps to improve their health and well-being,” mentioned Andy Pattison, Digital Channels Team Leader at the World Health Organization. “We must continue to reach people with vital health messages right where they are, in the palm of their hands.”

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