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Does PUBG Mobile work on Jio Phone?

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PUBG Mobile was one of India’s most famous games and was a flourishing esports title before it was banned in India due to user privacy concerns.

As the game was a fan favorite, gamers tried to access the game in all its forms and as a result some rumors started to surface claiming that PUBG Mobile could be used on a Jio phone.

Even after the ban, PUBG Mobile remained in the hearts of thousands of fans, and as a result, many other forms of this game are actively used in the country.

The topic of using PUBG Mobile on Jio phone has been trending recently, but it is just a hoax. You can’t play such a demanding game on a simple phone.

Jio Phone is the simplest phone model produced by telecommunications giant Jio which costs less than $ 10. The main use of this device is only to communicate and even though it supports 4G technology and some other features, running any mobile game like PUBG Mobile is just not possible.

Jio Phone runs on Kai OS and does not meet the necessary requirements to run PUBG Mobile, but some claims suggest that the game could be played smoothly on this device.

Some people can trust these things and try to install the game, but it is extremely risky. The developers did not provide the support, so all of these apps claiming to be PUBG Mobile are either fake or malware.

So far there have been outrageous claims where several download links for PUBG Mobile on Jio Phone are also viral.

These links will not provide any special version or modified apps of PUBG Mobile that could be used on Jio Phone, so we strongly recommend that you never use such things on your phone as they may affect your device in a very negative way.

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