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Blockchain games are the next mobile games, says industry start-up CEO

Create the second largest community of Axie Infinity and other games in the world play to win it was just the beginning for Heloísa Passos. A player of the famous game that has been offering cryptocurrency rewards since 2020, the executive saw the number of platform users jump from 7 thousand to 2 million. Meanwhile, one of the two in-game currencies saw its price jump from $0.14 to $160 in November 2021.

Currently CEO of Sp4ce, Heloísa remains optimistic about the new gaming modality that encompasses its own innovative economy. The startup intends to provide Brazil and the world with the necessary structure so that more and more people have access to blockchain technology for games, and thus be able to benefit from its many advantages.

Even with a surprising evolution story, for her, we are still “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to blockchain games. The executive compared the technology’s growth phases with mobile games, those designed exclusively for cellphones and tablets. “When mobile games started appearing, the market was very resilient. The studios said “no, I’m not going to get into mobile games”, and today this type of game has an absurd force in the world of gaming. CandyCrush and Clash Royale are some examples,” she commented.

While big names in the traditional gaming world like Electronic Arts and Nintendo still have no plans to move towards blockchain, other companies in the industry don’t have the same stance. The whole world was stunned when Microsoft announced the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, or when Facebook changed its name to Meta, and Ubisoft announced its entry into the decentralized metaverse The Sandbox.

For Heloísa, however, all major companies will eventually surrender to the new format: “Like any market flow, you have two paths: either you swim with the wave or you swim against the wave.”

And it is by swimming with the wave of blockchain games that Sp4ce develops new games play to win where accessibility and fun are priorities: “Right now, we’re designing what the economic architecture of the game will look like, so that people can be profitable, but above all, that it’s fun, and that they can have access to it,” revealed, in an interview with EXAME’s Future of Money.

With the explosion of games like Axie Infinity, it was getting harder and harder to get into the game, as the NFT prices for “axies”, the little monster characters needed to play, were getting more and more expensive. According to the CEO, this is his biggest criticism of the universe play to win“If we say blockchain is access, I can’t say it’s accessible to have a game where I need to buy land for 11 thousand dollars, because there’s no accessibility in there”.

In this sense, in addition to the concern in the technical development of games, Sp4ce has educational initiatives that can turn ordinary people into professional players in the first esports team focused on blockchain games in Brazil, or even specialists who will work with the technology in the future. .

In peripheral communities, the startup offers a quality internet connection and courses in “creative economy”, a term used by Heloísa to designate “everything related to the blockchain in terms of design, digital marketing, Web 3.0, and also at the level of the ‘games Scholarships'”. . Exchanges are a kind of “stock exchange” in which companies subsidize players’ entry in exchange for a share of their profits.

“We think about the ordinary person, who doesn’t know how to use a broker, doesn’t speak English, and we want them to be able to go through asset liquidation, custody of NFTs, and other similar processes.” , said the CEO of Sp4ce.

Aiming to become the largest blockchain company in Latin America within two years, the startup can benefit from its investments in technology education, which is mainly about programming and game design. Soon, according to Heloísa, less and less importance the “shell”, in her words, but who you are in the metaverse, an environment where everyone can be whatever they want.

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