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Automate mobile games with a robotic arm

My Singing Monsters is one of those mobile titles which allows users to play simple games to earn coins and gems in the usual way. [Anykey] found that his son was a fan of the game, but sometimes he felt a bit cheated. So rather than wasting time playing themselves, he set up a robot to do the work for them.

The player must complete a basic but time consuming memory game. After winning, the player can choose a prize from 17 mystery cards. The top prize of 1,000 diamonds always seemed to be hidden under another card, which led to the aforementioned frustration.

In order to test if the game has been rigged, [Anykey] set up an uArm Swift Pro to play the game, with the robot arm moving a small stylus on the iPad to play the game. Video from the iPad was transmitted to a PC through an HDMI output, entering a card from Camlink capture. A Python script using OpenCV was then created to automatically play the game and record the results of the prizes won along the way.

After more than 100 attempts, the robot never succeeded in choosing the right card to mark 1000 diamonds. Since there are only 17 cards to choose from, one would expect the prize for 1,000 diamonds to appear multiple times in as many selections.

So it seems that choosing the prizes to complete the memory game isn’t all about picking the right card. Instead, the given price is selected by another calculation entirely.

We love a robot that plays games at Hackaday, even though it’s as simple as Tic-Tac-Toe. Video after the break.

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