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Angry Birds returns and 4 more free mobile games to play in February

February may have a few good things to do: Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day (or Valentine’s Day), and honoring and celebrating black history – but for many, the shortest month of the year is dismal.

Between cold and gloomy weather for many, little money to spend (after paying off credit card bills from holiday shopping) and already failed on your New Year’s resolutions, you might need a little rising throughout the day.

Luckily, there are thousands of fun, free swipe and tap games on your mobile device, to give you moments of joy, whenever and wherever you have the time.

After all, Wordle is only once a day, so you need more than that to get your fix, right?

And so, here’s a look at what’s new and worthwhile, whether you’re into new versions of solitaire, edgy action games, or epic adventures like a virtual getaway.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, the following games are available for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android and are free to play, but offer optional in-app purchases for additional content.

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The Journey of the Angry Birds

The sling is back.

To destroy the pig fortresses and free the adorable hatchlings inside, your objective is to launch your beloved birds towards the structures – but taking into account the force required, the desired angle (taking into account physics), the material you collide with (wood, ice, stone, etc.), and using the birds’ unique abilities.

Yes, Rovio’s Angry Birds Journey is a similar premise to the original games, but with new content, updated graphics, and plenty of unlockable goodies, I won’t spoil it here.

You can build up your Angry Meter to deal even more damage, unite Fireflies with their kindred spirits, and further unravel the story surrounding the mysterious Egg Wonders.

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Bloons Battles TD 2

Bloons TD Battles 2 is the latest from Ninja Kiwi, which offers your online balloon battles against other players.

Are you a fan of “tower defense” strategy games, which challenge you to tactically ward off an invasion?

If so, Ninja Kiwi’s Bloons TD Battles 2 pits you against other players online, as you fight your way through five colorful and unique arenas, finally facing off in the coveted Hall of Masters and move up the ranks.

Your main objective is to prevent enemy balloons (the titular ‘Bloons’) from heading towards your base along their path and so you must purchase and strategically place weapons to burst incoming floaters. This sequel borrows elements from Bloons TD 6, including unique heroes and powerful monkey towers (each with special upgrades).

The more you earn, the more you can customize your loadout from hundreds of cosmetic items, as well as unlockable animations, emotes, and bloon skins.

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lonely stories

Solitaire Stories, an Apple Arcade exclusive, is both relaxing and challenging.  Unlock hundreds of deck styles and animations, stories, and various challenges.

Take one of the most beloved solitaire card games of all time and add stories, countless deck styles, daily contests and global leaderboards – and that’s what to expect in new Solitaire Stories by Red Games.

Available exclusively as part of the Apple Arcade service ($4.99/month) – for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV – this collection of Klondike experiences begins with a story told by “Glee” star Jane Lynch, Emmy Award winner. As you progress through solitaire games, you will initiate the next chapter of the story. The more games you complete, the more stories you will find.

But don’t worry, purists, because you don’t have to sit through story sequences if that’s not your thing.

In addition to customizable games (one or three card draws, right/left hand mode, different difficulty levels, etc.), daily challenges allow you to earn gold, which can be exchanged for new stories and new card games. The game features hundreds of deck styles and animations.

Like all other Apple Arcade games, there are no ads or in-app purchase options.

mini golf RPG

Fusing role-playing games with mini-golf, the silly indie game Mini Golf RPG has plenty of depth and breadth.  Easy to pick up but hard to let go, this w-in-1 adventure is worth your time.

Don’t be put off by the odd mix of fantasy RPG mechanics and mini-golf, as this new hybrid of Funny Tasting Colors is a fresh and fun digital diversion.

The game first asks you to customize your player and enlist the help of a caddy in the clubhouse to help you through lessons. Once you hit the ball, you will initiate an enemy encounter. As in many retro role-playing games, your party of characters (you and your caddies) will take turns trading attacks with enemies, in hopes that you will reign victorious. There are potions, loot, and ways to level up your character.

Mini Golf RPG includes ball abilities, which are special actions to improve your golf and fighting skills. For example, Smash Putt makes your shot twice as powerful. You can only use one ball ability per hole.

Along with new courses to unlock, the game offers hundreds of items to collect, upgrade and equip; kitschy 8-bit pixel graphics (during combat), with old school MIDI music; and free daily rewards for logging into the game.

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Rise of crops

Gamers who love strategy should download the new Rise of Cultures, available for iOS and Android devices.

While making its technical debut in 2021, InnoGames’ historical sim was recently updated to push it back up the charts.

As you might guess from the name, Rise of Cultures lets you build cities in different time periods, learning about cultural traditions and practices and determining which strategy works best to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the city. civilization.

Build new structures, research new technologies, and create all kinds of fighters to fight alongside some of history’s greatest warriors. Or, perhaps as you travel around the map, you’ll focus more on trade and diplomacy rather than war and tyranny. It is entirely up to you.

No two games play out the same in this fun single-player simulation.

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