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An intriguing glimpse into Monika Kanokova’s home office and mobile work life

A freelance community strategist, she also works with creative and business professionals in Berlin and New York, advising them on their communication and social strategies.

When she’s not a freelancer, she writes books. This Year Will Be Different: A Guide for Freelancers was published in 2015, sharing insightful interviews with creative women who have successfully started their own businesses, and this year she launched My Creative (Side) Business, sharing tips on how to benefit from multiple incomes. streams.

After enjoying an insightful interview with Monika earlier this year, we wanted to see the inside of her workspace and learn more about her nomadic work life …

Tell us more about yourself – who are you and what do you do?

I feel like I’m traveling the digital space, exploring the possibilities of the internet and how creatives can use it for a living. I work as an independent community strategist. On the one hand, I support Kickstarter with its presence in Europe. For me, Kickstarter is a powerful tool for anyone who aspires to creative independence, and so I spend a lot of time trying to nurture the European community.

I believe in the importance of knowledge sharing and therefore I publish guides for creatives for which I interview successful freelancers about their creative endeavors. In addition, I publish courses on Skillshare that cater to the same audience. I created a course on starting an independent business and another on self-publishing.

Because I love mobile photography, I started selling my images through EyeEm.

Can you describe your workspace?

I mostly work on the go and so once I open my laptop and put on my headphones, I quickly dive into the area. I like to work outdoors so I always try to find a place where I can sit in the sun. I also try to schedule my meetings outside. I have a pretty ridiculous tan on my feet.

What do you like most about your workspace?

The flexibility allows me to settle down wherever I am. I love the backyard of the Betahaus in Berlin, my balcony in Vienna. I think it’s the regular change of scenery that makes every day feel a bit like a vacation.

Your favorite furniture, accessories or decorations? Can you tell us a story behind them?

I have a very basic setup; I work on an 11 “MacBook Air and use the standard Apple headphones that come with an iPhone. I have established a rule that I wait with any type of purchase so it can sometimes take a few years before to buy something that I supposedly need.

However, there is one accessory that I use a lot which is my Scout & Catalog bag. I found it somewhere in 2010 and decided to buy it for myself with my first full time salary. I did not do it. But now, in 2014 and with my first freelance purchase I bought the bag I had dreamed of for so long! It’s the perfect everyday bag and if I’m traveling somewhere for two days or less, I usually don’t need more than what suits my S&C shopper. I guess I’m a proud minimalist.

Describe the local creative scene

I live between two different creative scenes: I identify with the startup scene in Vienna but also in Berlin.

In Vienna, it’s extremely close-knit and you often have the impression that everyone knows each other. There is an amazing community around Austrian startup Stammtisch. No wonder, because his team is damn amazing! They have monthly meetings that are worth attending whenever you are in town.

In Berlin, on the other hand, there are several different scenes mainly related to the coworking space that people identify with. I love spending time at Betahaus, Factory, St. Obezholz and have a huge admiration for the guys at Impact Hub Berlin!

Do you have an inspiring workspace?

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Think you have something great to show us? Email details and some sample photographs of your workspace to [email protected].

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