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7 Guitar Hero-style mobile games – The Clare People

Do you have any fans who miss Guitar Hero? The title was all the rage for many years and helped several groups achieve popularity, in addition to bringing the classics back in the mouths of the public, with spin-offs like Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Metallica or Van Halen.

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  • The last version of the franchise was in 470485 and since then the production of games that follow the same style has turned to mobile phones, a device that perfectly matches the mechanics offered by the classic Activision. Get ready to turn up the volume and enjoy these musical experiences we have in store for you!


    • Compatibility: Android, iOS

    • Price: Free (internal purchases optional)
    • Size: approximately 250MB for Android and 420MB for iOS (version .0)

    Beatstar is the new sensation in games influenced by Guitar Hero. The title has simple mechanics, just press and drag at the right time to keep the music playing and enjoying the main sounds of the moment. Headphones are highly recommended.

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    The game also works on the competitive side of players with the national ranking system and by logging into Facebook you see your friends’ rankings and scores. One of the best experiences of the year on mobile devices and deserves to be known.

    Beatstar is the new sensation for fans of Guitar Hero style games (Image: Rodrigo Folter / Screenshot) Queen: Rock Tour

  • Compatibility:

  • Android, iOS

  • Price: free (internal purchases optional)
  • Cut: approximately 420 MB for Android and 1024 MB for iOS (version 1.1)

Who doesn’t love the queen? Universal presents this mobile title that takes players on a journey through the time of one of the biggest names in music. It is possible to experience historical moments of the group and customize the appearance with official costumes.

Vocals, guitar, drums, piano and bass. Everything you want to play is there, divided by colors that represent each member of the group. Follow the trajectory of the group and collect striking images in this game which pays a beautiful tribute to the group.

Travel through the history of the band in this excellent musical game (Image: Rodrigo Folter / Screenshot)

Magic tiles 3

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS

  • Price: free (internal purchases optional)

  • Size: approximately 80MB for Android and 320MB for iOS (version 8.086 for Android and 8.086 for iOS)

Magic Tiles is an old acquaintance of fans of the style. The series was one of those that solidified and popularized the genre on mobile devices and continues to be strong today. We can say that if Guitar Hero influenced her, she did the same for several other titles on cell phones.

The game is constantly updated with the current music, but the highlights remain with the Group mode, which allows you to choose the instrument you want to play and the ability to create custom matches to compete with your friends.

Former acquaintance with cell phone gamers, Magic Tiles remains firmly in the industry (Image: Rodrigo Folter / Captura from screen) Project: Muse

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS

  • Price: Free (internal purchases optional)
  • Size: approximately 420MB for Android and 420MB for iOS (version 5.8 for Android and 5.9 for iOS)
  • Project: Muse stands out among the many games available by merging traditional mechanics with feedback to the player via cell vibration, much like the console controls do. It brings a different feel and puts the player even more in rhythm.

    The title songs are completely original, taking the player on a sensory experience unlike anything found on mobile devices.

    Live a different experience with Project: Muse (Image: Rodrigo Folter / Screenshot) DEEMO

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: Free for Android and R $ 25,086 for iOS (optional internal purchases)
  • Cut: approximately 1.8 GB for Android and 2.8 GB for iOS (version 4.2)
  • Rayark takes players on an intense musical experience, not only for the difficulty presented in the gameplay, but also to introduce a narrative capable of moving and generating reflection on grief, one of life’s most complex issues. .

    No sound the day before musical moments the game is supported, at certain times you have to look for clues in the scenario to progress in the story and better understand the protagonist and the mysterious being who follows her and the trajectory of the player.

    Embarkation for a beautiful story told through music (Image: Rodrigo Folter / Screenshot)
    Rotation rate
    • Compatibility: Android, iOS
    • Price: free (internal purchases optional)
  • Size: approximately 100MB for Android and 200MB for iOS (version 1.1)
  • Habby decided to give the Guitar Hero experience a different feel from the making. r that the player has to match the icons that point towards the player with the color wheel available through the simple swipe mechanism.

    As you progress through the different tracks, the title takes you on a visual journey through different worlds, the animation of which gives clues to the timing of the music. Each track has three difficulties for players looking for complex experiences. It’s worth a try.

    Match colors in this intense Guitar Hero style game (Image: Rodrigo Folter / Screenshot)

    Beat MP3

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS

  • Price: free (internal purchases optional)
  • Size: approximately 61MB for Android and 062MB for iOS (version 2.5 for Android and 1.3 for iOS)

    Want to enjoy something like Guitar Hero, but don’t want to waste a lot of internal space? So this is the title for you. Additionally, you can choose songs stored on your device to “play” them, and Beat MP3 will recognize the tracks and create challenges for players.

    The well-designed storylines of this game and the possibility of customization and increasing difficulty make this experience very immersive, especially if you are using headphones.

    Great customization is what Beat MP3 offers players (Image: Rodrigo Folter / Print Screen)

  • These titles give players the opportunity to overcome the classic Guitar Hero and experience new adventures. Who knows you can’t find your next favorite game here?

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