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5 best mobile games that will encourage you to get in shape – Phandroid

I don’t know about you, but cardio like walking, jogging, and running is incredibly boring, but if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle or at least prevent yourself from becoming too unfit then these are things you need to do. a few times a week.

If you’re like me you know how boring it can get, but luckily some game developers have come up with some pretty cool games and apps that will make the experience more fun. If you’re trying to find new ways to motivate yourself to get in shape, then take a look at some of these games below.

Zombies, run!

We all have different motivations when it comes to training. Some may be motivated by looks where they want to fit perfectly into that dress or costume, but if that doesn’t work for you, what about fear? Zombies, run! is a fun and unique game where it tries to encourage you to walk / run trying to play on your fears that a horde of zombies is chasing you.

You’ll have to complete various stories and missions, most of which require you to run away from zombies and survive, so if you think that might motivate you to take daily walks then it might be worth checking out.

Burn your fat with me !!

Training alone can be incredibly boring and unmotivating. If you’ve ever joined a gym with a friend or partner, you know having someone push you to do that last rep can make a huge difference, which is something that burns your fat with me! ! tries to accomplish.

This is a workout app slash dating simulator where it uses a virtual character who will offer words of encouragement as you go through the different exercises offered in the app. There is a story mode that offers up to 800 lines of vocal dialogue and various episodes that increase in difficulty.


During the pandemic where gyms were forced to close, many people began to look to alternatives like Nintendo Switch’s Ring Fit Adventure. If you don’t have a Switch and aren’t planning on buying one, you’re in luck because Fitforce could be a worthy alternative.

Its concept is similar to that of Ring Fit Adventure where players must complete certain tasks in a game but will have to perform certain physical movements, such as running in place, to do so. It’ll take a smartphone and a PC for this to work, but assuming you have one at home, it looks like a pretty fun game.

Fitness RPG

If you like RPG games with turn-based combat systems then Fitness RPG might be the fitness game you have been looking for. The gameplay itself is pretty straightforward and straightforward (nothing wrong with that), and it uses an energy system to limit how much you can play.

To overcome this energy limit, you will need to expend real energy, such as walking, using the pedometer on your phone or smartwatch to count your steps, which in turn will help you replenish your energy in the game so that you can continue to play.

Pokémon GO

While it isn’t necessarily designed as a fitness game in mind, there have been plenty of stories about how people who play the game ended up losing weight. Indeed, to complete certain features of the game, players will have to walk. Players will also need to travel to various locations in the real world to catch Pokémon or fight for control of gyms.

As a result, some people have found themselves walking more than they normally would, and in the process have accidentally developed a healthy lifestyle. There are many success stories of people who have lost weight while playing the game, so maybe this could encourage you to do the same.

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