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3 highly anticipated mobile games coming in 2021

This 21st century has seen the rise of mobile gaming. According to ScaleTech, in 2012, mobile gaming accounted for 18% of total global gaming industry revenue and with a strong average growth rate of 26.8%, it is expected to dominate the gaming industry up to 60%. %.

Veteran gamers, from millennials to baby boomers, are now busy with their jobs. More responsibility means less time to play. This means that adult gamers cannot engage in full-time games, PC games, and console games that take hours of work to finish or become good at.

With the continuous development of technology, almost everyone has access to smartphones capable of gaming these days. Even children as young as three now have their own smartphones.

Mobile gaming has never been more accessible than it is today. Mobile games, as the name suggests, can be played anywhere. It can be played while sitting, lying in bed, even when traveling. Almost all mobile games are also laid back, easy to learn, and you can have fun right from the start. Each session lasts only about fifteen minutes. You don’t have to invest too much time if you don’t want to stand out from your PC and console gaming counterparts.

But even as casual as mobile games seem, mobile games have produced many quality game titles that have even reached the heights of global tournament stages. Right now, Mobile Legends, PUBG, and Call of Duty: Mobile dominate the competitive gaming market, and for good reason: it brings the full gaming experience to mobile.

But that’s just the start for mobile gaming, as three big names in the competitive PC gaming scene are coming to mobile in 2021. They are looking to take a part in the mobile gaming big cake with their well-designed, balanced game. and good at finding games that aim to shape the future of mobile gaming. Let’s take a look at the top three hotly anticipated mobile games of 2021:

1. Apex Legends Mobile

You could argue that the battle royale genre is already a saturated market or a concept being used on mobile due to the massive success of PUBG, Rules of Survival, and Call of Duty: Mobile. But Apex Legends Mobile is about to prove otherwise with the same formula that made them successful on PC:

● Unparalleled mobility

● Versatility

● Teamwork in class

Apex Legends on PC is arguably the fastest paced battle royale game and once you’ve played it for a few months, the alternatives will feel too slow. Yes, because of that it can be intimidating for new players, but the mobile port will make it easier to adapt to fast play.

Aside from the parkour-like moves that are possible in Apex Legends, classes, called Legends, are one of the things that made Apex Legends so successful. Each class has a unique set of skills that can be used to gain advantage on the battlefield. In addition, each class has unique interaction and combinations with other classes, which makes the games always fresh.

2. Valorant Mobile

Valorant is another first person shooter that has seen great success with its growing player base. Like Apex Legends, it’s a shooter that has class-based characters called Agents with unique skills. But that’s where their similarities end.

Valorant’s main game mode is Search and Destroy, the one we all know from Counter-Strike. But if you don’t know it, this is a round based where one team plays as the attacker and the other as the defender. Attackers win when they successfully detonate the bomb, called Spike, or kill the entire enemy team, and defenders win when they defuse the bomb or kill all attackers.

Valorant boasts the competitive gameplay of CS: GO with the added touch of each agent’s unique skills. It is surely looking to be a promising addition to the mobile gaming market.

3. League of Legends: Savage Rift

In another genre, Wild Rift is slowly but surely dominating the mobile gaming market in terms of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Wild Rift is the mobile port of League of Legends, one of the most successful esports games of all time.

Wild Rift has a more polished mobile MOBA client that’s also close to the League feel on PC. And some League of Legends players even say the mobile version, Wild Rift, is better. How? ‘Or’ What?

● Easier to learn and play.

● Shorter playing time.

● Faster playing pace.

In League of Legends PC you need to reach level 30 first before you can play your top tier game and it can take months since each match is around 30-45 minutes long. In Wild Rift, you just need to reach level 10 and each one lasts about 15 minutes.

It doesn’t take too long to learn the game as Wild Rift has smart aim assist which makes it easy to use your champion’s abilities on your enemies. You don’t even have to aim, just press the buttons.

MOBAs can be scary to tackle as they are difficult to learn, like in the PC version, and it can take a lot of emblem work, like in one of the more successful mobile MOBAs. Wild Rift addressed both of these issues by making it easier to learn and removing the emblem grinding system.

And did I mention before, it looks amazing for a mobile game. Even in the lower specs, it’s a feast for the eyes.

Balancing is one of the issues plaguing mobile MOBA. But Wild Rift, in its regional beta phase, is already one step ahead of its competition. As seen in, one of the biggest guide websites for Wild Rift, the tier list doesn’t have a C and D level and they even added “+” levels just to accurately describe the current landscape. It only means that Riot did a great job balancing the game.

This is a promising start for Wild Rift and it will only get better as they continue to add new regions to release the game and get into full swing in the Wild Rift esports scene, announcing already the Wild Rift World Championship which will begin at the end of 2021.

Wild Rift and mobile games are ready to take over the gaming world, all you have to do is download them and ride this awesome wave of new, high-quality games!

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