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3 Expectations Regarding Top Mobile Commerce Trends for B2B Sales Teams

Mobile commerce has changed the way you do business. M-commerce has driven tremendous growth in B2C shopping spaces. For places like Target or Walgreens, which can now accept mobile payments, the growth of eBay, Etsy, Target and Amazon apps that deliver goods and services directly to consumers from the comfort of their mobile phone or tablet.

Mobile commerce trends are starting to take shape in B2B spaces. The B2B buying process is not always conducive to using an application interface, but technology is evolving to create an m-commerce experience that benefits both B2B and B2C consumers.

B2B mobile commerce trends for marketers

Here’s what to expect in the future with B2B mobile commerce trends.

1. A change of generation will bring changes

Millennials are aging through the workforce, which means more than ever B2B buyers are younger, digital-native millennials. This is expected to have a huge impact on business development and the way organizations approach technology and the customer experience. Digital commerce 360 noted an important business factor, stating, “Now more than ever, we are seeing B2B buyers getting younger. Three quarters of millennials are involved in, or even lead, their organization’s B2B purchasing decision-making process. This translates into a much larger percentage of online purchases and shoppers who expect those transactions to be as convenient and reliable as the rest of their digitally enhanced lives.

Millennials are digital natives, and their addiction and preference for digital channels is disrupting B2B commerce as we know it. B2B companies will need to pay attention to this factor to stay competitive. In fact, it is crucial for the success and future of your business. According to Digital Commerce 360, “Buyers expect e-commerce to keep them more informed than ever about product choices. Almost 60% would stop doing business with a B2B provider purely on the basis of a difficult-to-use mobile experience. Your mobile commerce experience is important to the growth of your business.

2. Voice search will continue to grow

Voice search in mobile commerce purchases has increased for B2C businesses and B2B is expected to follow. The immersion between corporate and casual life is blurry for most people; their phone helps them do their shopping and they keep them connected to their work voicemail.

The evolution will then turn to B2B buyers doing voice-assisted research on their projects. The technology is already here, built into devices from mobile phones to voice-activated home devices like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. Businesses need to pay attention to B2C trends, like voice commands, to stay competitive. B2B buyers in business are B2C buyers in their own lives and will expect the same type of convenience and technology experiences for both the person and business purchases in their lives.

3. Improved B2B processes and experience

B2B markets are known to lag behind in technology adoption and offer the same type of experience or ease of use as B2C. While consumers enjoy a quick and easy shopping experience in online marketplaces like Amazon, B2B buyers have fewer similar options. One of the fastest growing mobile commerce trends will be a number of B2B brands selling beyond their own website and working with more than 3rd party vendors to give B2B buyers more options. Instead of seeing sites like industry-specific vendors like CDW or GSA Advantage as competitors, B2B companies can see them as strategic partners. Using these supplier relationships can not only provide customers with more convenient options for working with your brand and increased exposure of your products to audiences who otherwise might not see them, but they can also help you. to deliver a faster running experience.

While the B2B buying cycle can be a long process, the execution process has to change to be a shorter timeframe; In addition to allowing businesses to focus on delivering B2B products with one-day shipping, some business experts believe that the best B2B organizations will offer same-day or 1-hour delivery for their products, like Amazon does for B2C products. Being able to deliver these experiences – availability in a marketplace that offers multiple solutions that a B2B buyer can seek, along with faster shipping and delivery – from a mobile app will dramatically improve the shopping experience. ‘B2B purchase and will help significantly differentiate B2B companies from their competition.

Technological changes and generational shifts will refocus the priorities of B2B companies to include a stronger emphasis on mobile commerce. Mobile commerce aligns with how buyers and consumers in the B2C marketplace already shop, and delivering a simpler and more efficient mobile commerce experience to buyers will allow B2B businesses to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. . Is your business ready for the emerging mobile commerce trends?

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