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13 best mobile games with controller support

Mobile gaming continues to be the fastest growing sector in the gaming industry. It is responsible for billions in revenue, partly due to the availability of the platform around the world and partly due to the innate ability of mobile games to be played on the go.

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Mobile games are stereotyped as being only casual experiences, titles that no “real gamer” will ever touch. Remove those perceptions, as there are countless games on the platform with as much competitiveness and uniqueness as their PC and console counterparts – but to get the edge, try using a mobile controller for more precise inputs. moving.

Updated September 28, 2021 by Erik Petrovich: Mobile games were once categorized far from console and PC games thanks to their simpler gameplay and graphics, due to the low specs of phones in years gone by. Today, mobile games represent the strongest growth of players in all video game markets, in part due to the availability of mobile phones in the general gaming audience. Mobile games today are easily compared to PC and console games, although they sometimes lack minor features or graphics fidelity. No one in 2010 would believe that in 10 years they would be able to play Call of Duty on their phone, but in 2021 it’s not only possible, it’s just as fun.

Mobile call of duty

Mobile games with Call of Duty Mobile controller

When thinking of the best mobile games, the FPS genre usually doesn’t come to mind. Perhaps this is due to the lack of decent controls in most games, or perhaps the lack of good graphics compared to their counterparts on PC and consoles. Mobile call of duty is an outlier worth trying – and it’s one of the best mobile games with controller support.

It has one of the largest player bases of any game in the mobile market, and it is constantly updated and kept alive thanks to the rapidly growing community. The controls are surprisingly decent without a gamepad, but of course it plays a lot better (and gamers will do a lot better) with a connected mobile controller.


Mobile games with Fortnite controller

Fortnite struggled in the mobile market, especially the Apple Store. As such, the game is only available for Android devices or can be downloaded directly through Epic Games. The game plays pretty much the same as it does on PC, and its cartoonish art style makes it a good choice for mobile devices.

It will still be some time before iPhone users can download the popular Battle Royale game again. For now, Android gamers who haven’t had a chance to try the ever-popular online shooter can try it out on their phones.


Terraria Journey's End mobile games with controller

Terrariums has often been compared to Minecraft over the years, being released around the same time. It’s hard for Terrariums players to return to Minecraft, however, because the latter is just not as robust or deep as its 2D counterpart. On mobile devices, the game works differently in several ways, creating a new experience for even the most die-hard fans.

The game recently received its last major update, the Journey’s End update, which will soon make its way to the mobile version of the game. The use of touch controls certainly has its appeal, especially for inventory management. However, most mobile controller games benefit from joysticks by making the player a bit more precise, and Terrariums is no exception.

Valley of stars

NPC Locations Stardew Valley World Map Best Mods

Valley of stars is one of the most heartwarming and satisfying indie games ever made. Eric Barone, the game’s sole creator, has spent the better part of a decade developing and working on this absolute gem, and it performs almost better on mobile than on PC or console.

Part of this is due to the touch controls innate to almost every smartphone these days, but with a mobile controller, it turns into the perfect road trip or casual game on the couch. It’s one of those controller-supported games that can go hours of the day without realizing the time passing – in a good way, of course.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2

Kotor 2 blanket

Surprisingly enough, the Star wars RPG Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords was actually ported to mobile. It’s not a graphically intense game, but the complexity of the game’s mechanics makes it a bit difficult to play with just the touch.

Knights of the Old Republic II with a mobile controller, however, looks exactly like the original game. Additionally, few gameplay changes have been made from the original version to the mobile version.


Limbo title art with protagonist and spider

Limbo is a casual horror game that puts the player in the shoes of a figure boy walking through terrifying terrain. The game was one of the original “classic” indie horror games, and its mobile port introduced new players to its black and white world.

The game does, however, require relatively precise point entries, which can be difficult to do with precision simply by tactile feedback. Limbo plays fine without a controller, but like most mobile games that support the use of the controller, gamers find it a little less scary other than for another reason that they can control the character reliably .


VVVVVV mobile controller games

VVVVVV is a very unique platform game that relies on a single solitary mechanism: reverse gravity. To move through the different rooms of the game, the player must time their movements and the changes in gravity together.

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One of the mobile games that support the controller which requires timing is better with a controller than with touch, however – luckily VVVVVV allows players to plug in one and use the intuitive controls found on the console version.


roblox logo

Roblox is the ever-popular open-world sandbox game that features countless distinct worlds, each with their own mini-games, community, or other unique aspect. If you’ve never played Roblox, the game is free and worth a visit for the mini-games only.

Using touch controls in Roblox is super unintuitive, however. A mobile controller is absolutely the way to go though for those who are considering gaming Roblox for a decent length of time.


Minecraft Steve and various other monsters on top of a mountain.

Those who don’t know what Minecraft is, or never played it, missing one of the most popular gaming experiences of the current generation. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Minecraft is probably the most popular game in the United States, thanks to its simplicity and in-depth construction mechanics.

The mobile version of Minecraft is different from the PC version in several ways. As one of the best mobile games with controller support, Minecraft becomes much like the console version, but with a little less polish.


Brawlhalla John Cena mod

Brawlhalla is a free to play fighting game that emphasizes multiplayer and fast and brutal brawls. The game can be played locally or online with cross-play functionality on a variety of systems, including Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation systems.

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The game is surprisingly fun to play and features a huge roster of characters. The modding and customization of the game is also quite extensive. With a controller, Brawlhalla transforms into a true competitive game that cannot be matched with lackluster touch controls. This is one of those mobile games with controller support that almost requires the player to use a gamepad.

Dead cells

Dead cells is a roguelike RPG with a beautiful, vibrant art style and rewarding, yet punishing gameplay. This requires the player to have precise movements and quick reactions to a number of factors throughout a run, which is extremely difficult with simplistic touch controls.

The game does, however, allow players to use a mobile controller, which completely turns the near unplayable game into a masterpiece on the go. It’s just too complex and fast a game not to use a controller.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania - Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is an original PlayStation game that has been praised for three things: its Gothic art style, brutal difficulty, and beautiful soundtrack. The Endgame features one of the most objectively beautiful songs ever recorded – not even just limited to games.

Similar to Dead cells, however, the game requires very precise inputs and actions on the part of the player. Using a mobile controller is the best way to experience this classic on the go, as the rage is much less likely to stop when it’s actually possible to beat.

Super light drifter

Super light drifter is a full-fledged adventure RPG with its own unique combat mechanics and horribly abstract, dreamlike visuals. The game is extremely colorful, despite its underlying storytelling and brutality. While it works great with touch controls, it works best with a controller.

The game can be played at any pace except for combat situations where quick reactions and being in the right place means everything. Touch controls just aren’t conducive to this kind of gaming, and like many mobile controller games, they’re almost meant to be played with a gamepad, not your thumbs.

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