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10 mobile games with surprisingly good stories

When people think of mobile games, they usually think of endless runners and gacha games. The perception is that they are time wasters at best, and people who want something like an engaging story should look elsewhere. However, mobile games have come a long way since the 2000s, when there was nothing to do but entice the player to spend money. Developers and technology have changed during this time.

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These days, everyone knows they have to keep people’s attention if their game is going to be successful. New games are being developed with surprisingly good stories, while older console games are being ported to powerful phones with better mobile experiences.

ten Forgotton Anne is a platformer with a cinematic story experience

Developed by ThroughLine Games, Forgotten Anne is a beautiful, cinematic puzzle platformer that was originally released in 2018. The series begins in the Forgotten Lands, the place where all that was ever lost ends. The protagonist is the guardian of the Forgotten Lands, working to stop a group of rebel forces. Anne may not be a good platforming mascot, but she’s exactly the character players will want for this story.

For a game that works well on phones, Forgotten Anne not only has a good story, but it has a wonderful one told with traditional hand-animated cutscenes. Combine that with an impressive orchestral soundtrack, and it’s a title mobile gamers won’t soon forget.

9 Lone Wolf is a neo-noir sniper game

lone wolf is a sniper game in a neo-noir setting that turns the player into a dangerous assassin. Not much else is known about the lead when players start out, other than that he is part of a criminal group known as the Assembly. But really, people love assassins in all media, so there’s not much players need to know. Yet, over the course of thirty missions, the player learns who the assassin is and his motivations for joining the Assembly.

The story of Lonewolf is told through hand-drawn scenes that look like a comic book, while the gameplay features nearly two dozen weapons to battle enemies with. In the end, fully completing the game and collecting all of the game’s trophies will take well over five hours.

8 Jade Empire is one of BioWare’s most beloved games

Launch of BioWare jade empire for the Xbox in 2005, and their longtime fans have been clamoring for a remake ever since. There was nothing like it back then, and even today there aren’t many Western RPGs that mimic Wuxia influences.

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The series is based on a player taking on the role of the last spiritual monk, seeking to rescue his trainer, Master Li, from Emperor Sun Hai. Like many BioWare games, the player is affected by the moral choices they make during gameplay, which affects everything from other party members to the techniques the player uses.

seven The Banner Saga is a tough story about survival

Sometimes being a Viking doesn’t mean stories of warriors falling in a blaze of glory. With The Banner Saga, the player instead guides a caravan of people through an eternal twilight as they attempt to escape an unstoppable army. If the art style of this game looks familiar, that’s intentional; the game was designed to resemble the styles of famous animators like Ralph Bakshi.

Banner SagaThe story of is told in three parts, but fans can overlook trying to make sure everyone makes it out alive. The title auto-saves frequently by design, forcing the player to live with their choices in this dark world where humanity’s chances of survival seem increasingly unlikely.

6 Epic Seven features a beautiful animation to tell its story

Developed by Super Creative Inc, Epic Seven is full of history. The player assumes the role of the Heir of the Covenant, with the intention of battling against the Archdemon. However, the player is unable to do this alone and must gather an army of heroes to fight the Archdemon and protect a world that has already been destroyed six times before.

Despite the unfortunate gacha elements of this game, Epic Seven is based on an engaging story told with many animated cutscenes. It also has a simple turn-based combat system that will be familiar to fans of old-school JRPG games.

5 Batman: Telltale Story offers a chance to play as Batman and Bruce Wayne

One of the biggest problems with most Batman games is that the characters are often stuck in their costumed identities. Even though everyone wants to be Batman, to fully play this role, the player must also become Bruce Wayne.

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Luckily, since the Telltale games don’t focus on action, they’re able to tell a story that involves both Batman and Bruce Wayne. Batman: Telling Story may not have a high metacritical score, but that’s largely due to technical issues. The game’s story and graphics were praised as top-notch for a mobile game.

4 War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius tells a political story about a war between five nations

everyone wanted war of visions be the next Final Fantasy Tactics. While it may be asking a lot, it’s still a great game. On the continent of Ardra, five nations vie for control of each other. Each nation fights using Visions, warriors from other eras and worlds.

This game has been praised for both the single-player story and the high-quality voice acting, but it’s not a perfect title. As always with a mobile title, the gacha elements are the biggest problem. The consumer agency has accused Square-Enix of manipulating the odds of drawing characters and items in their favor in 2021, forcing them into greater self-regulation.

3 Octopath Traveler: Champions Of The Continent is a prequel to Octopath Traveler

octopath traveler pioneered Square’s now-popular HD-2D style, something they’ve used successfully twice so far in 2022. But while fans wait to hopefully get a second game in the octopath traveler world, Square-Enix has introduced something else in the meantime.

Intended to be a prequel to the main story, Continental champions follows three main scenarios – Herminia, Tytos and Augustus. While these are the central stories, there’s also a whole other cast to carry out the story. Champions was released with great success in Japan in 2020, and it was recently released in the United States.

2 Another Eden is the latest RPG from the author of Chrono Trigger

Developed by Wright Flyer Studios, Another Eden was a project from the mind of Masato Kato, known for writing Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. Another Eden follows brother-sister couple Aldo and Feinne. Aldo’s goal is to save his sister from the Beast King, who used his sister’s powers to wipe out all of humanity.

As Aldo is sent hundreds of years into the future, he is forced to try to find his way back to the past, jumping to different points in time. So far, the series has gone through over eighty story chapters, with more to come. With an 88 on Metacritic, it’s one of the best JRPGs that nobody talks about.

1 Genshin Impact tells a compelling narrative through the unfolding chapters

Genshin Impact quickly became one of the biggest games in the world. In just two years, the game has generated billions of dollars in revenue for miHoYo, as players attempt to retire their five-star waifu and hubby. What most people who aren’t already addicted to the game don’t know is that the game also has a solid story.

As a traveler, the player is taken on a journey across the continents of Teyvat in hopes of finding their missing brother. Each country has its own struggles, characters, and adventures for the player to go on. So far, three countries have been introduced, with several more waiting to be revealed.

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