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10 best free mobile games to play right now

Anyone on the go or with a bit of spare time can open up their mobile devices and download tons of great games for free. Some of the best console and computer games are even available on this platform, making it easy for gamers to play their favorite games wherever they are.

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Whether someone is looking for a relaxing matching game, a unique musical challenge, or a full PVP shooter, there is something for everyone. The best mobile games span a wide range of genres, and there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone.



Mobile Roblox

Roblox is a platform filled with different types of games and excellent character customization options that allow players to watch exactly what they want and participate in any game they want, and they can. directly from their phone.

Roblox has all kinds of games, from the best RPGs to the best horror games. It offers endless choices on a single platform and it is completely free. It’s a great game for relaxing with friends or creating something entirely new for players of all ages. Some features of the game are not available on the mobile version, but players should still find it easy to use and full of fun.

Rocket League Side Swipe

rocket league Fans should hop on this new free game that lets them play the car football game they love right from their mobile devices. It contains all the features of the base game: music, Rocket Pass, different modes, challenges, etc.

Rocket League Side Swipe is a rocket league game available on mobile, and it’s perfect for fans of the on-the-go game. This addictive game has an all-new rocket pass that players can race through and collect items and customization options for their cars. There are different game modes just like the base game, from 2v2 to Hoops. Players can complete challenges and even earn rewards tied to their main accounts.

Among us

Although Among us seemed to become one of the most overrated games, it remains an entertaining competition to play with friends offline or make new friends online with voice chat features.

Among us is a fun spaceship murder mystery. Players must work together to repair their ship and prepare to depart, while one player sneaks around and kills as many teammates as possible without getting caught. It’s completely free, and despite a few technical issues that seem to crop up from time to time, it’s one of the most entertaining games out there.

candy Crush Saga

candy Crush Saga

candy Crush Saga is the perfect game for people who want something more laid back and easy to understand. This matching game remains one of the most popular mobile games available and is still one of the best.

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candy Crush is a simple matching game that requires players to move among candies until three identical types can connect. With different obstacles and goals to achieve within a set limit, these challenges require a bit of strategy and thinking. A seemingly endless number of levels increase in difficulty as players progress. The game has become so popular that fans can even find different branches candy Crush games available in the App Store.

Call of duty mobile

The first-person shooter that all major gamers love, Call of Duty, is available for free on mobile with all the same modes (Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Kill-Confirmed) and features like text and voice chat.

Players can jump into classic maps and compete in the modes they want, all directly from their mobile devices, without giving up HD sound or graphics. With changing seasons featuring unique rewards and upgrades and recognizable items that only die-hard fans would recognize Call of Duty Black Ops and modern warfare, it’s the perfect mobile game for Call of Duty fans or FPS fans.


Another casual and fun adventure for players who aren’t looking for anything too complicated is Snake.IO. This free mobile game lets players take on different shapes and styles as they slither across the map and try to become the biggest and longest snake around.

Players navigate their own snake around the map, trying to dodge others to increase their size. They have to cut their opponents to be the biggest snake alive. Fun new skins, such as different animals or art styles, can be unlocked as players progress and grow. This simple yet competitive format allows players to compete against each other and dominate the leaderboard.

Check-in room

Check-in room easily became one of the best multiplayer games on multiple consoles, PC, VR, and mobile platforms. Like Roblox, players can dive into various mini-games, hang out with friends, and customize their own unique characters.

Check-in room is known as “the social app that can be played like a video game” for good reason. It is the perfect app for people who want to go out and meet new friends by playing various games. They control their players, allowing them to clap, shoot hoops, or greet with voice chat. Players can even create their own game rooms and create their own experiences for their friends across all platforms.

3D racing master

3D racing master is the highest rated game available for free for racing fans. This thrilling and unique racing game is the perfect pastime for gamers who feel the need for speed.

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3D racing master lets players choose from 7 classic luxury cars and race against other online players and NPC bosses on stunning, illuminated maps. Racers can trick and customize their rides and get into fast-paced races where they have to dodge obstacles and fight other high-speed cars to reach the finish line.

beat star

Music lovers will love this free mobile game that lets them “touch their music”. beat star is a rhythmic touch game that lets players experience their favorite music in a new and engaging way.

Kind of like VR gaming Beat Saber, Beat Star requires players to tap, swipe, and tap each note as it arises and keep pace with the song. Players will discover an endless library filled with their favorite tunes, from currents to classics. As they master songs, they can unlock brand new ones, making for a continuous entertaining experience. Music lovers can become one with their favorites and play alongside them in this thrilling experience.


BitLife mobile game

BitLife is an excellent RPG simulation game that allows players to play and experience a new life through an interactive story. This text game is a silly and captivating experience full of potential and paths.

Players can create a new character and navigate struggles and experiences through their choices. Various career paths and relationships are available if players can develop the appropriate attributes for their characters and make the right decisions. Although it is a simple text story game, it requires thought and strategy to pull it off. Players can experience multiple life events and endings by playing as many times as they wish.

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